About Us



A few months ago, a guy came over to see my daughter and he and I were talking before he went into the house.  He told me that she had called him to come over and help her with her laundry.  I remember thinking to myself, ‘smart girl’, and then it dawned on me, damn dude you need some balls and I told him when he was done helping her to grab his balls off the shelf in there and come back out and talk to me about going fishing.  We both laughed for a minute and he went on inside to help her.

Later that evening, he came back out and we talked for a while.   At some point during our conversation, I remembered about a website that I had done 14 years ago.  The site did OK, but due to the lack of marketing, a very young internet, and social media outlets not being what they are today, we eventually closed the site down.  At that point, I explained to him about the site and he and I had a good laugh over a beer and called it a night.

About a week passed before I saw him again.  All week long, I kept thinking about the site I had done 14 years earlier and just wondered if there was any chance with all the advancements in the internet if it would take off and be more successful today than it was previously.  So, when I asked him his opinion on trying to resurrect the site with today’s technology and social media I wasn’t surprised when he agreed we had a hell of an idea and how much fun it could actually be.  Honestly, we ALL know someone who just falls short of having a complete set or who is such a wimp has NO balls at all.

At that point, we decided the resurrection of VirtualBallz.com was going to move forward.

What Is It?

Well hopefully at this point we have put a smile on your face, get your attention, and have got you thinking this is a GREAT idea.  As you can see from the following shortlist of potential recipients, the possibilities are unlimited.

      • Friends
      • Family
      • Co-workers
      • Politicians
      • Athletes
      • Coaches
      • Spouses
      • Girlfriends/boyfriends
      • Business Associates
      • Military Personnel


While you have probably already thought of a handful of people or ‘victims’ that need a pair, but just in case you haven’t, don’t worry, sit back, think about it, and remember that even Ricky Bobby’s children thought he needed a pair in that movie about a deep south race car driver.   Even more recently, one evening while I was watching TV, I heard one of the Wahlberg brothers tell his brother that he needed to get a pair in commercial advertising their reality show.  As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether you are a racecar driver, a reality show star, or at the bar with friends, at some point, everybody needs or will need a pair of VirtualBallz. Your imagination holds the key to possibilities.

You can use Virtualballz for whatever purpose you want, but VirtualBallz is for entertainment and fun purposes only

You can send an individual or individuals (male or female), a pair of VirtualBallz as a joke, or if you think they need them for that added boost of support, or to just say GO FOR IT!!  When you send somebody a pair of VirtualBallz, not only will they hopefully get a laugh out of it but they may just actually go for it knowing they have that support from others or maybe they also will get that boost of confidence to ‘man up’.